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Toyota Venza prices in Nigeria update new

Introduce about 2010 Models of Toyota Venza

2010 Models of Toyota Venza was the second instalment of the Venza brand after it was unvieled in January of 2018. The 2010 models announced sometime towards the end of 2009 were offered in four Trim Levels with the main differences being the engine type and the drive train utilized in building the vehicle. For instance, the base trim came with a 2.7 Liter Inline 4 cylinder engine with a Front Wheel drive train. Other trims included the 2.7 Liter Inline 4 cylinder engine with an All-Wheel drive train, the 3.5 Liter V6 engine with a Front-Wheel Drive train and finally the 3.5 Liter V6 engine with an All-Wheel Drive train.

The 2010 was not so much different from the 2009 model except for a change in the floor Mat across the trims, which now sported carpet floor mats for both front and back seats compared to the rubber floor mat in the previous year models. Virtually every other stuff remained the same, the engine power remained the same pumping out 182 hp and 182 lb-ft for the 2.7 Liter I4 engines and 268 hp and 246 lb-ft for the 3.5 Liter V6 engine.

The interior is just as fine, the seats are built with top quality clothe materials that gives it that soft and inviting feel. The drivers seat comes with lumbar support and offers 8 way power adjustment while the front passenger seat allows for 4 way power adjustment. The 2010 models also came with Illuminated vanity mirrors, Dual Zone Automatic Air conditioning, Front and Rear cup holders and sunroof.
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The 2010 Toyota Venza debutted with the Carpet Floor Mat

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I am not very certain you will still find a brand new models of Toyota Venza still available for sale in this market, but you may just be lucky to find one, who knows. Still though, we will give a detailed breakdown of the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices of the various 2010 Venza models as released. If you're lucky to find one, be sure that it might cost more and extra charges might further raise the price.Brand New 2010 Toyota Venza price in Nigeria

Brand New 2010 Toyota Venza price in Nigeria Models Prices
Base Trim - 2.7 Liter I4 with Front Wheel Drive (FWD) ₦9.54 million
2.7 Liter I4 with All Wheel Drive (AWD) ₦10.1 million
3.5 Liter V6 with Front Wheel Drive (FWD) ₦10.2 million
3.5 Liter V6 with All Wheel Drive (AWD) ₦10.73 million

Brand New Base Trim of the 2010 Toyota Venza costs about ₦9.54 million

Fairly Used 2010 Toyota Venza price in Nigeria

As you would expect, used cars are cheaper when compared to brand new models. In Nigeria though, the issue of trim doesn't really count much as most Nigerians just want to get a fine car and you can keep the details to yourself. However, what really matters to them is the condition of the car they intend to purchase and the price they have to forked out for it. Understandably, foreign used car models are they most expensive since these cars always come in better shape and low millage. On the other hand, their Nigerian used version are not always in the best of shapes and if you find one in good condition seems to go for more if you're buying from a dealership. The price might go down if you buy directly from private seller.

You can easily get a listing of various 2010 Toyota Venza models on Naijauto Car Sales Page, as several options with affordable pricing a present. The table below gives an idea of the Pricing of Used Toyota Venza 2010 models in Nigeria.
Fairly Used 2010 Toyota Venza price in Nigeria Model Price
Foreign Used 2010 Toyota Venza ₦2.54 million - ₦5.45 million
Nigerian Used 2010 Toyota Venza ₦3.8 million - ₦5.0 million

NOTE: Please you must consider the custom duties and cost of clearing an imported car at the Ports and possibly add this up to your overall cost before making a decision. Clearing cost for Sedans/Crossovers like this should be in the regions of ₦500,000 to ₦1.5 million

Tips on Buying and Negotiating for a Cars Price

So most times, we must negotiate with dealerships and private sellers for the cars we intend to buy. Be it Brand New or Fairly Used cars, the techniques generally remain the same, you must learn how to negotiate like a Pro. The first steps is to do a thorough market research using free internet tools to know the current market price for the 2010 Venza models, with this you can easily negotiate and can even get a price lower than the market rate. Also be willing to try as many dealerships and buying options available, by avoiding the trap of one-stop buy syndrome which most car dealers utilize to their good.

For used car models, we usually advise that you go there with an experience car person or a trusted vehicle mechanic or technician to help you ascertain the true state of the car you are buying. Avoid the urge to buy because the car looks clean outside and seats look neat, there is more under than what you see on the outside. That's where your technical person comes in and should be able to careful analyse the car which will better inform you on the price to bid>>> update the lastest car-prices

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